Looks better with LED video wall screen

LED video walls are the fastest growing trend in live production, and with our wide array of LED video tile and products, we have the right pitch, size, shape, and configuration you need accomplish your creative production designs.


LED Screens

Large events usually need the help of big screens, normally referred to as jumbotrons or LED video walls. These are LED panels or “cabinets” that can be put together to make virtually any size outdoor or indoor screen.

Perfect for concerts, trade shows, house-of-worship, sporting and corporate events. Unlike projectors, LED panels can be viewed in complete sunlight. That’s the reason most every concert and sporting events use them.

We offer incredible options and customer service when designing your project.

We have a myriad of LED screens sizes to choose from, depending on your needs and wants. Whether you need a big, medium or a small mobile screen, we have the perfect choice waiting for you.

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